Reasons to Meditate Right after you have Coffee


Having a cup of coffee is something most of us treasure dearly. There’s something about that smell of grounds right out of coffee grinder that immediately puts me in a better mood. If you’re a coffee lover that practices meditation, you may have heard of the ongoing debate amongst yogis about whether introducing caffeine to your meditation routine is a good idea or not.

While I’m certainly not making any scientific claims, I’ve found that there’s something special about meditating right after your morning cup of joe. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.

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Why Meditation is Good Soon After a Coffee

Creating a Habit

Having a coffee at the start of the day is a habit for many of us, but unlike meditation, we can grab our coffee while running out the door.

When it comes to morning meditation, sometimes it’s easy to swap it out for a few minutes of extra sleep. However, if you start drinking your coffee at home, you can work on combining your coffee habit with a morning meditation routine. This can train your body to associate both coffee and meditation as a regular morning routine that are paired together.

Positive Mindset from the Start

Speaking from personal experience, I often felt tired and groggy when I first tried morning meditation. All I wanted to do was fall back asleep. However, once I started drinking coffee before meditation, things began to change. This is because of the effects of caffeine kick in quickly. The reason many of us say we “need” coffee on a daily basis is that caffeine is a neurostimulant that helps us wake up and gives us a boost of motivation.

Positive Mindset

The ‘motivation’ many of us get from coffee is caused in large part by the release of dopamine. Beginning your meditation routine after coffee can give you more focus and make you feel more alert and self-aware.

Many people think that caffeine is something bad. But assuming you’re not hyper sensitive to it, meditating after caffeine kicks in can help you reach a euphoric state, which, in turn, help your body connect the practice of meditation with positive feelings.

Ability to Focus


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In my experience, I’ve noticed that caffeine increases my mental focus, which is extremely helpful when trying to calm my mind and slow down thoughts racing through my head. But as I previously mentioned, I’m not exactly a ‘morning person’, so when I’m already tired and then I try to calm my mind, my body tells me to go back to sleep. I find that when I meditate after my morning cup of coffee, I am able to sit and concentrate for longer periods of time.

Final Thoughts

Caffeine tends to make your brain more active, so some find that is makes meditating more difficult. However, if you’re really tired, meditating can be next to impossible, so caffeine may help.

I meditate because it makes me feel happy and confident, and coffee has not negatively interfered with that. I know my coffee/caffeine tolerance, so I’ve found a balance that works for me. So in the end, if it’s working for you, I’d recommend sticking to it.




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