Mocha Recipe: How To Make Your Very Own Homemade Mocha Without Going Crazy Trying

Well, today you are going to learn how to make your own mocha coffee at home the right way and how to be more creative and enjoy your mocha.

You wake up one day and decide you want to fix yourself a mocha latte. You give it a try and you fail. Either, you do not have the right ingredients, or yours does not turn out the way the guy at the coffee shop makes it. The guy at the coffee shop makes it look so easy, right? You sit at home wondering why your mocha recipe turns out to be a disaster.

I tried it once with a sandwich I ate in a restaurant in downtown Philly. The sandwich was incredible. I wanted to recreate the same thing at home. No matter how hard I tried, I could not get my sandwich to look or taste the same at home. Some of you might be facing the same situation with your mocha recipe.


How to Make a Mocha Latte

how to make mocha latte

First, we will discuss some tricks to keep in mind when making your mocha coffee latte.

1) You need to use fresh beans when you make a mocha recipe. One reason why it does not taste right is the freshness of the beans. Coffee has a two-week shelf life.

"You will need a lot of cream and chocolate to hide the bad taste of beans. Remember, a bad taste will linger and it takes a lot to kill it".

2) You need to buy the good chocolate. Save the cheap stuff for your ice cream. Another reason your mocha recipe does not turn out well is that you use the cheap stuff.

3) Keep your recipe classy. The guy at the coffee shop uses a dark blend. You might want to do the same.


How To Make a Mocha: A Simple Recipe Anyone Can Follow

mocha recipe

The Ingredients

  • 1 cup of brewed coffee
  • 4 tablespoons or a 1/4 cup of chocolate shavings, and
  • 1/2 cup of cream or milk. You are allowed to use cocoa powder if you want.

The Directions

The first thing you do is brew your favorite cup of coffee. Remember, it is best to use the good stuff, like a dark blend. You also need to make sure it is strong. The stronger you dark blend is, the better your mocha coffee will taste.

Use a double boiler or a microwave and mix the two together. You will need to heat it slowly to keep the texture right.

Those of you who use a microwave will need to do it in intervals. Heat the two for intervals of 30 seconds. Your mixture needs to have a creamy texture to it.

The last thing you do is combine the two and enjoy.


How Can I Get Creative With My Mocha?

creative mocha design

There are a lot of variations you can use. You will find the top 3 variations we love to use below.

1) Do you have any whipped cream or chocolate leftover? Add them to the top of your cup. The coffee shops do that.

2) Do you want to do some "grownup stuff"? Do you have some Bailey’s or Irish Cream Liquor around? Take some and pour it over your coffee. You can also add some Whiskey. It will pack a punch so pace yourself.

3) Do you have an espresso machine lying around that you hardly ever use? Now is your chance to use it. You can use espresso instead of the traditional dark blend of coffee. Take a single lawyer of espresso and pour your cream and chocolate on top. Do not mix.



Now you should have your very own mocha to enjoy. Click here for some more recipes and tips you can use to spice up your mocha drink.

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